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Welcome Dr. Nizer

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Dr. Nizer joined Ball CC in 2014.
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See the Ball Chiropractic Center Atlas Orthogonal Correction in 3D


3 Days to a New You

Getting your health back can be a simple as 1-2-3.  Discover more about Advanced Atlas Orthogonal


Restoring Balance by Aligning Your Head and Neck

When you lose the balance between your head and neck, pain and other complications can result.  Ball Chiropractic Center features a unique adjustment procedure known as Advanced Atlas Orthogonal, which involves a precision instrument that uses a percussion sound wave to gently restore alignment and promote healing without cracking or popping! Discover the 3 days to a new you.


If you are new to atlas correction (Advanced Atlas Orthogonal), our website is a great place to discover why so many are advancing their health with this gentle approach.  The best way to get your questions answered is to give us a call at our El Cerrito office, 510-525-8611

Patient's Praise:

"This is not twist-the-neck chiropractic. The only surprise was how great I felt after treatment."

"They make us feel 100% better, it's worth the trip... we now live 75 miles away."

"Their compassion and care for their patients is unparallelled."

[Ball Chiropractic] "is responsible for me being able to lead a mostly pain free life."