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For over the past 30 years, Drs. Joe and Carol Ball have been helping people restore their health at Ball Chiropractic Center in El Cerrito, California. They’ve seen most every condition you can imagine and have experience with the simple neck and back pain, auto injuries, advanced neurological conditions, and the cases that are hard to put a finger on. Their practice focuses on providing care that’s specific and long lasting.

This specialized care is accomplished by utilizing the upper cervical treatment called Advanced Atlas Orthogonal. Dr. Joe is one of only a few in the nation who’s Board Certified in Advanced Orthogonal Technique and Procedures. You can learn more by watching the What does Advanced Atlas Orthogonal Do? video and see for yourself how this upper cervical chiropractic treatment technique will help you restore your health and balance today.

Upper Cervical Professionals

The Ball Chiropractic Center’s mission is to provide customized chiropractic treatment plans that consistently meet our patient’s needs and exceeds their expectations. We actively pursue quality treatment through the most advanced scientific upper cervical procedures. Our team strives to support your health and wellness goals.

Ball Chiropractic Center El Cerrito CA

Chiropractic Doctors

Ball Chiropractic has a team of 3 highly qualified doctors utilizing the most advanced chiropractic procedures. Our patients present with a wide range of complicated conditions. Our expertise and combined years of experience will give you confidence you are in the right place to recover and maintain your health.

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