Losing the Balancing Act?

Losing the Balancing Act?

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At all times, your body is continuously compensating in order to stay balanced over your feet, keep your head over your neck and keep your eyes level to the horizon. This is called the righting reflex. So what does this have to do with gentle chiropractic care?

Stand up in front of a mirror and I’ll show you!

Okay, now while standing, tilt you head to the left; now your head is out of balance with the rest of your body. Now hike your left hip up; what happens? Your head tilts even farther to the left. Now hike up your right hip; this movement allows your spine to move in a direction that slightly brings the head back closer to the midline of your body, closer to balance. If you’ll notice, with your hip hiked up, one leg now seems shorter than the other and one shoulder is higher than the other. This is what happens when you have an upper cervical misalignment.

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