Randi P - Ball Chiropractic Center El Cerrito CA

Ball Chiropractic services is simply a healing and positive route. I am a local Pilates Instructor and have witnessed the amazing results that Dr. Carol and Dr. Joe Ball have created for several of my clients. I recently went to the Ball’s for chiropractic services for an injury, due to a car accident. Dr. Joe was…

Randi P
David B - Ball Chiropractic Center El Cerrito CA

I’ve been a patient at Ball Chiropractic for over a year and the care and treatment that I’ve received has been excellent.  I’m an experienced chiropractic patient and Dr. Joe’s adjustments are superb.  His adjustment technique and ability to diagnose trouble spots help keep me going through my rigorous exercise routine as well as my…

Dave B
Sarah B - Ball Chiropractic Center El Cerrito CA

In August 2016, I was in excruciating pain in my right hip. I was training for a 1/2 marathon and got to the point where I couldn’t run even 1/2 a mile without tears.  I was introduced to Ball Chiropractic by my sister.  I made my first appointment and met with Carol Ball.  She was…

Sarah B
Matt B - Ball Chiropractic Center El Cerrito CA

I’ve been a patient of Ball Chiropractic for years, and I highly recommend the services of Dr. Joe Ball and Dr. Carol Ball. Both have years of experience and are experts at their craft. I can’t say enough about Dr. Joe’s care and skill in his treatment. The office is very well-run and efficient.

Matt B
Shannon B - Ball Chiropractic Center El Cerrito CA

I can’t express enough how much gratitude I have for Dr. Joe’s healing hands! I’ve also been treated by Dr. Carol and she is just as expert in her care. Both docs are caring individuals, highly knowledgeable and skilled in their profession. They attend seminars regularly, publish articles, and Dr. Joe also teaches. They both can…

Shannon B
Ed M - Ball Chiropractic Center El Cerrito CA

I’ve been going to Ball Chiropractic Center for 15+ years. Dr. Joe Ball is responsible for me being able to lead a mostly pain-free life. I have pretty severe scoliosis and see him for it at least every 6-7 weeks– or more often if I hit one of our jarring potholes on my motorcycle. I’ve…

Ed M